The USA celebrates its veterans on Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) and Veterans' Day, traditionally November 11th.  

    How do you Americans celebrate Memorial Day, which is tomorrow (where I am sitting)?  Those of you in other countries who have days to honor their servicemen and women, what are those days called, when are they, and how do you and yours remember and celebrate?

    My father's grave will have an American flag waving on it, as he was in the Army during WWII.  Thank you, Dad, and ALL the men and women, past, present, and future, who serve in our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard.  We salute YOU. 


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    I called and thanked my friends who have served and tolerated the one who berated me because he wasn’t dead. I mentally thanked my dad……..

    Hi Phyl.Enjoy your Memorial Day.It serves the same purpose as our ANZAC Day (April 25th),we also have rememberance Day on Nov 11th.The whole country stops for a minutes silence at 11am.Both of these day are extremely important to me.I always observe.


    That is a moving experience, where everyone stops to remember at the same time. I just thought about the jeers and disrespect many showed the soldiers who returned home from Viet of the worst behaviors in our entire history. Many of those flags are for those killed in VN. :(

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