My moms BP is 206/83 we are at the hospital what should I ask for I'm afraid to bring her home

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    Speak to a doctor about your concerns.

    Ask the doctor if she will be admitted.

    206 is very high but 83 is just a little above average. She’s not going to die real soon I suspect but then, I’m not a doctor and you should be talking to one……...

    Ask the doctor for every bit of information (s)he thinks you need before you take Mom home.  Read the info you get from the hospital, and follow up EXACTLY as recommended.   

    Blood pressure can be controlled with proper medical supervision and medication.

    Prayers for your mom and you.


    ask if they can get her  B P  down before you take her home. Then, have your mom make an appt with her fanily Dr.  ASAP  to get on some  BP meds, and an exercise program , and a diet.

    This was posted 8 months ago. What has happened since? Hope she's better (the top number is considered very high).

    They can prescribe meds that will take it right down. But after that she'll need to find out what's wrong. Mine went sky high during a house move. I could have had a stroke. The doctor gave me some magic pills and my bp went right down. It was fine ever after and I didn't have to continue with the meds. It was a temporary thing.



    what's benacar ?

    BenicarĀ® (olmesartan medoxomil) is approved to treat high blood pressure in adults and children age six and older. This prescription medication comes in tablet form and is typically taken once a day. Although most people tolerate this medication well, it is not suitable for everyone.

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