It is NOT against the law...

    to use drugs or drink alcohol during pregnancy.  It is not illegal to give birth to a child addicted to drugs or with fetal alcohol syndrome.
    In California, a fetus is not considered a viable person until "it" is born.  I learned this when my grandson was born addicted to opiates and there was no criminal charges that could be filed against his mother. 

    SO, if the unborn baby has no rights, why can someone be charge with double murder if (s)he kills a pregnant woman and the fetus also dies?

    It seems like a double standard to me.  What do you think?

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    It doesn't make sense to me Phyl.Your grandson's mum sounds like a real piece of work.


    She got a one-way ticket back to her home town and it's been a relief. My son still wants her to be David's mom when she is well; The baby is thriving and full of personality! :D

    That's good to hear.You should be able to enjoy your grandkids without all the other BS spoiling it for you.

    Hi Tommy! Yes, it's getting easier to enjoy time with the grandkids. My eldest married about a month ago, and she has turned out to be a sweetheart. Now, I have 5 little ones to love, as my daughter-in-law brought a beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter into our family. She has captured her 3 stepchildren's hearts, too, and she truly loves my son. They are on the right track, praise God.

    That all sounds beautiful Phyl.Good for you.

    You and Maggie have such a wonderful extended family. I look forward to getting my brood together more often now that the custody is being shared properly. Son is looking into more than 50%, fully supported by Mrs. It is really a whole new world for him; hopefully he will step up to the honor.

    As the saying goes, "The law is an a**"

    Teach what you know responsibly. If your word is not going to be respected, bring in someone who is respected to lay the facts out in no uncertain terms. Irresponsible mothers and fathers can and should be in jail if necessary. Ignorance and irresponsibility produce unsustainable results. We cannot allow this kind of behavior to contenue unchecked and unsupervised. From what I have seen, the legal system needs to be shocked into responsibility. County nurse offices handle these matters here and they really need an upgrade and get better funding. 

    It is to me a very sad story and must be affecting you very much.  Irresponsible parents are and will be around but there is no law to stop them.  Perhaps doctors who are aware of alcoholic parents should be empowered to recommend to appropriate authorities in the early pregnancy as a matter of duty. But without a law enforcing would be a problem.  There must be many many such cases that need attention in an ethical and compassionate way. A very very difficult issue.

    My prayers for you and family are with you.



    It is a ridiculous world. When "Child Protective Services" got "us" together for a meeting, the focus was NOT on what was best for the baby going through withdrawals in a NICU, but about how we were going to help the "Mommy" get well and keep the "family" together. Thankfully, CPS is not part of the equation anymore...

    I agree that there is a double standard, and the CPS should not be concerned with that mom, just the kids.  Too many liberals, they make no sense! 

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