My wife just got notice that her favorite uncle passed, in Australia. Do you have a favorite relative, other than immediate family members?

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    Sorry about your wife's fave uncle,Bustie. She will miss him.

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    My aunt Laura is my favorite. She's more like a sister to me because there is only a 4 year age gap so we grew up together.

    When we were kids she had a toy cash register. We would take the groceries out of the cabinets and I would pretend I was shopping and than she would ring up my groceries and sack them.  We also loved playing with cars, playing church after church on Sunday and annoying the ants in from the big red ant bed.

    She took on the responsibility of being my legal guardian when she was only 20 and I learned a lot from her that year.  One lesson I cherish is how she taught me to introduce myself to people and to make sure I tell a person it's nice to meet you. (This was an embarrassing lesson to learn but one I'm grateful for).

     My  aunt and I don't keep in touch the way we used to, but when we do see other we have a blast together. We end up in hysterics!

    country bumpkin

    Give your wife my condolences please. I lost my oldest aunt about 4 years ago.

    Right now my best friend is Bob. She knows all my secrets and is always there for me……...


    PKB huh ?


    Sorry to hear that Ray.Will you be heading down for the funeral?


    All of my uncles/aunts are gone.My father's brother Matthew was a real favourite.He was a funny & irrepressible scotsman who always stuck up for me.

    We are unable. Sadly, we just came back from a vacation to Bermuda, now my wife is sorry that we did not go down to see uncle Kevin...

    Yes I remember you saying that.You can only do what you can do.Please relay my commiserations to your wife.

    Many thanks Tom.

    My mother's youngest sister, Grace, and her husband, Ken, were two of my favorite people.  She developed Alzheimer's and macular degeneration in her final years. The memory I have that most clearly shows her compassion is when my mom, oldest son (5 at the time), and I visited them in NY, where they lived outside of Rochester.  We traveled to D.C. with them to visit a cousin who worked for the government, and we also visited my mother-in-law, who lived across the street from the St. Lawrence River, near Lake Ontario, and enjoyed a quick visit to Hershey (of chocolate fame) Pennsylvania.  A great trip, but my son got on my nerves, eventually.  We were walking around the schoolgrounds where my aunt had been a food service manager, and she suddenly grabbed my son's hand and said they were going for a walk together.  She took off with him for the better part of an hour, departing with a knowing smile and eyes that sparkled.   Her four sons consider her a saint, too.


    she sounds great, like a storybook auntie!

    :) It looks like we all had at least one very special person to remember. My last uncle died unexpectedly the day after I hurried my sons and myself out of his hospital room so someone else could visit with him. I bawled all through the eulogy I wrote for him. His stepson shipped a lot of the furnishings and things from the home he shared with his wife from Chicago to me (California). As I look around my living room, I see many reminders of my favorite uncle, and am reminded of him daily. :D Again, my deep sympathy to you and your wife. May memories provide comfort and smiles.

    So sad for your loss ... my favorite, Aunty Doris was just the very best gal ever... she had seven kids and owned a garage way out in the middle of nowhere with a cool car lot and bone yard...there were even some 30s Chevy torpedo backs out there ... and Aunty Doris was a body-person and would fix and paint cars and trucks while my uncle drank alot and sold cars and my cousins pumped gas and stuff... there was a real old fashioned coca-cola machine... a bottle for a nickel... she died in a head-on crash years ago... but I'll never forget her... she showed up the day my folks divorced with 'shower' gifts for Mom... her trunk was full of pillows and sheets and quilts and teatowels and a brand new coffee machine...then she took us all out for Chinese food to celebrate ... she was great!



    Sounds like that memory is etched forever!

    Sorry for your loss. I don't have any family except for immediate family. We are a very small family.

    I ran out of relatives. My aunt and uncle died in the 80s. My other aunt died in the 70s. I would have had a real uncle and cousins, if my mom's brother wouldn't have been an invalid from the time he was 18 till 31, when he died.  My dad was an only child. The only grandparent I ever had died when I was almost 4.

    I had 2 cousins. One of them is dead   . I miss him.

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