My husband wants me to get a second job, because we are getting behind on our bills. The problem is that I have a very bad heart. (cardiomyopathy)Do you think he is wrong?

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    i think he's wrong. so wrong. could you live with your parents or a sibling? do you love this man? make an appointment with your doctor and get this situation straightened out soon.

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    Tell him you'll get a second job but you'll stop cleaning the house, doing his laundry or cooking for him. Then tell him to be a man and go get himself a better paying job and support his family (even if the family consist of only you.)

    Was he a mama's boy and this is why he's not acting like a man?

    agree 100%
    why doesn't he get a second job. and stop charging on the CC. pay down your credit and live with what you earn the best you can.

    That's what I said. I work a full time job,and keep the house clean. What he doesn't understand is that I'm tired now.I am 40 years old, and I have a heart of a 90 year old. I do my best to contribute, But I guess it's not good enough.

    hugs to you renee
    I don't think he's wrong but i don't think he's can get a job but what kind of job....a job that can help your health and your bill...kill two birds with one stone

    I guess you don't fully understand the heart condition she has. Google it and then see if you still think she should get a second job.

    Thank you for seeing my point. I have been living with my heart disease for 27 years. My medication consisted of 2 heart pills, and a blood thinner. Working a full time job,and taking care of the house is wiping me out.

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