What's your most recurring dream (s) ?

    I have a few. For me , it's - - -   1. that I'm back in High School again. or  2. That I'm driving down the street or expressway and having trouble seeing out my front windshield or some other driving problem.  3. that I can fly .or  4. I'm going somewhere on a train or boat, and often my ( now deceased ) mother is with me - - -traveling.


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    Quite a few,but i cant say on here ,M/C/M,


    too spicy, huh ?

      When I was a little girl (5-6) I dreampt every night of  ambulances, police cars and fire trucks driving in front of my house and at the end of the procession was a blue car with a dentist sitting in the front seat. He would holler at me to come to the curb  and he would examine my teeth once I arrived. In my dream he told  me if I do not  brush my teeth they will all  rot out of my mouth.  I know I  had these recurring dreams because I refused to brush my teeth and I was emergiphobic.

     As soon as I began brushing my teeth these dreams stopped.

      I'm 47 years old and I still have all my teeth.  :)) ( I'm a tooth brushing, dental flossing fanatic) :))


    Bad Bad ,little girl ,of 5or 6,

    Never had a dream repeat itself nor had one of flying or naked in the classroom. My dream are just odd……….

    I don't have recurring dreams, or if I do, I don't remember them.


    These will do it for me?

    Ducky, Maybe you keep remembering that you don't have any dreams that you can remember ;-)

    Now I remember.

    Mine is the flying dream.  Low level stuff.  It doesn't take much for take off, and all I do is sort of glide around, just off the ground, but I can soar upwards of 30-40 feet.  It's enough! 
    A second good dream is that I can jump REALLY high. It's like I'm on a trampoline, effortlessly bouncing higher and higher.  


    THIS CAKE:""""


    They wont help you to get your spares,Bob,

    So you don't really need that RV, do you? :)

    If there is nothing taller than 30-40 feet to get past, piece of cake! :D

    What cake Bob??

    The one I had to add to my answer because I couldn't get it to post in the comment section! :D (Got a "Hammer" Black Widow Assassin, Dennis, and will be using it for state tournament this weekend.)

    14 pounds,and finger tip drilled,?

    15 pounds, fingertip grip, oval thumb. :D SEE PHOTO ABOVE

    A lot of dreams are at the house where I lived when I was a child, also a lot of the people in the dreams are people who have past on. 


    sunny.....that's interesting, b/c I too dream that I'm in my childhood home.....looking out the window. or going out in the street; or going across the street. Sometimes my parents are vague features in my dream.

    I wonder what that means mcm, they say dreams have a meaning.

    sunny,For me, it means that I miss the days when I had family around me who cares about me.

    They usually involve falling or not being able to get to a destination.



    Mine too...I'm struggling to get moving.

    Since i became sober,no dreams or nightmares that i can remember,maybe i have em,but i do not remember,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always nice talking

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