The 9/11 Memorial & Museum will open to the public in NY next week. If you had the opportunity

    to go, would you, and if so, why/why not?

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    Yes I would go there if I ever visit New York. I would go mainly to pay my respects to the innocent people who were murdered, and those who lost their lives trying to rescue the survivors.

    Of course I would go to the memorial and the museum b/c it's part of our history......just like people go see Pearl Harbor when they go to Hawaii.

    I myself think a memorial would be suffice, not a museum which i think is distasteful, there is a hell of a difference beween the Pearl Harbour attack and a terriost attack on the Twin Towers, i know a huge amount of people were killed including Aussies and other foreigners, but with Pearl Harbour it was the death of Servicemen which the survivors will be fighting later for your Freedom. YES, i would pay my repects to the Memorial when i eventually visit New York.


    I live in NY. Let me know when you're coming. I'd like to meet you, perhaps show you the "sights". Don't bring a knife like Paul Hogan did when he visited NY (lol)! The memorial is enough for me. I witnessed the buildings burning and the falling of the second tower, the twisted steel, etc. Have a "fair dinkum" day!

    It would be a pleasure to meet you, Clonge, Thanks, Mate and any other Aka friends who may be there as well as Canada and Alaska, forget Paul Hogan, the guy's a wacker, :)

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