what can i do when my co-defendant settled behind my back?

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    a letter was received by me verifying this settlement. how can I respond ? this letter was received on the date the statute of limitations kicked in.

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    Did you share the same lawyer or did you have your own? You should check with the lawyer. Statue of limitations does not apply if the case is heard by the court before the statue of limitations expires. If you are not happy, file a grievance with the court that heard the case.


    thank you for your response. the condo.assoc. had their lawyer and we were defending ourselves. we heard from every judge " you can't defend yourselves, you MUST have a lawyer. 1 judge (now retired) even ruled in court & in writing that we did not need proper notification ( 101) because we were not lawyers! we intend to file a complaint w/ the VABar & ABA. we were in court 8 times w/out any plaintiff evidence. I had worked in DC for 28 years and I almost stroked out w/their treatment of 2 overly-educated females.y'all come to Tidewater VA to see the abuse of even! make sure y'all leave your passport in F'burg , don't want any Yankees going back!

    It sounds like this was a class action law suit. If it was, then you really have no say in the settlement. Apparently you had a spokes person of the group who made the decision.

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