how do i fly?

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    That's cute, Romeos.

    ... on a horse ?  Like this ... 




    I would like to travel on him. I guess you would have to pull your knees up as his wings don't seem to allow to wrap your legs around his belly. Getty up Pegasus!

    I was about to tell you how to fly when suddenly the words vanished from my screen and then, just as mysteriously, the screen lit-up again but my words were gone...a message from the gods no doubt...or perhaps the power cord giggled loose for a second.  There you go. 


    LMAO! ... I flew when I was a saw me and flipped out...told me to never do it again and gave me a seal of disapproval smack! I wish I still could fly though... damn....

    I can, but it is inappropriate to do what others cannot right in front of them. Folks tend to wanna kill you. If you know too much about them and can't reasonably explain the way you know what you know or do. Just because you can explain your source of knowledge, does nothing for your popularity or trustworthiness in the eyes of many. Intelligent people are not trusted because unintelligent people see intelligent folk as more able to take advantage of them .

    Do you mean 'learn to pilot an aircraft?? if so, you must first pass a physical, then apply for a communications license. once these issues have been met, you will start your student pilot training.  This means that you can only pilot an aircraft with a CFI (certified Flight Instructor) until he/she certifies that you may then fly solo.  I don't know what the minimum hours for FAA final exam today but when I received my license (VFR) it was 40 hours.  I tested at 53 hours.

    In training, you will learn how to control the aircraft in various attitudes, doing stalls, turns, take off and landings, after this training, you will then begin Navigation, 'Pilotage-Dead reckoning and NAVaid, such as VOR-ADF-DME-and of course, GPS.  You will be assigned  'cross country' vectors, (fly a trangle where each point of the triangle will be 50 to 75 miles, you will land at each point, have your logbook signed that  you were actually there.  during these cross country flights, you will be expected to file a flight plan with the FAA, and you will be expected to  navigate using all the navigation aids including 'pilotage' which simply means look out the window for reference points. kinda like the old timers did before radio and nav aids.


    If you want to fly without an airplane, then get a cape, climb to the roof of your home, jump and you will fly, mostly down and a very short flight but you can claim you flew, that is, if you survive.


    don't encourage him

    Just trying to help him out. When I was a kid, I jumped off the garage roof, no cape, I just thought I could fly. That was the day I became interested in Newton's law and became very impressed with his findings. He was absolutely right!! :)

    Try jumping off a roof while flapping your arms really, really hard……….


    I Tried that Julie with an oversize builders duffle coat on,flaping it as wildly as my arms would allow,

    You also need a cape for this method!
    (I just read Vinny's answer after I posted this comment.) I guess he also knows that a cape is needed. lol

    Thats what i done wrong,dam,will try again ,after resting tired arms,

    Don't break your leg hector!

    Which one?

    take up sky diving, para-gliding, hang  gliding,para sailing , or base jumping.

    Join the airforce, if they don't teach you to fly, they will at least teach you to polish your boots.

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