why do people misspell words?

    many people use the word "pre" as part of an action verb. This is not correct. you can't do something before you do it. you can't preheat an oven. you heat it.

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    COOL!! I'm dyslectic!! I have a purpose in life now!! Yippeee!! :)

    I can't wait to tell all my awkward friends I am now dyslectic!!

    lmao, in case you thought i called YOU dyslectic, I didn't, i called your 'old friend' dyslectic :S

    Well crap again.. I thought I was somebody I could be proud of.. Now I'm back to being an asshole again. Crap!!
    How bout that.. :) I never thought of it that way. Would that also work with 'Post' as in 'Postgame' meaning 'after the game"?

    Precedes.. ?? Post Nasal Drip ??? Post office.. Huh?? Post office??

    Preliminary.. What's a 'limanary'??? Wow! words are fun!!

    As far as why do people misspell words?? Honestly, I thinks it's more laziness.

    Back in Ohio, I have an old friend, we grew up together, he is actually one of the most versatile persons i have ever met, very 'hands on smart'. He can barely read, he can not write very well either, but if you were to talk to him in person, you would never know this.. in his case, he started life as a slow learner. His brain developed very slowly, he was unable to comprehend the simplest of concepts, his mom used to give us a couple dollars when we went someplace like a movie or roller skating because he couldn't count change. Something miraculous happened to him in later years, he just over night got smart but he never did write beyond a third grader and his reading skills are pretty much at the same level but you can read to him and he understand the words, pronounces them perfectly and remembers! Amazing..

    wow, never met a versatile person before , would love to for some reason :)

    I'd Love to meet a crazy person too :)
    theres a guy who i meet everyday on my way, he's kind of half crazy, whenever we pass each other we smile and wave, he says hello and how are you only . and he's always HAPPY , always smiling and waving :)

    i don't know if you'd call him crazy, most people would :S

    Shure you have met a versatile person before, have you ever come across someone that can do just about anything with their hands, this guy had perfect eye and hand coordination, if he weren't so fat he would've probably been a great sportsman, he could build anything, hammer on a 2X4 and play a piano. His day job is a body shop worker. He knows ow to prep a car for painting. Been doing it now for over 40 years. Very versatile!

    no Vinny post is not incorrect in the words you described because the words are not action verbs. there's no such word as 'pone'. the word "pre" is interpreted as "before" and is use incorrectly too many times by the media.

    Was he diagnosed for his disability? Could he be autistic?

    Addreamer, in those days, the word 'autistic' was unheard of in the general public, they just called them. 'slow learners' Obviously by today's example, he would be diagnosed as Autistic especially given the gift of exceptional use of his hands to do almost anything. He never thought of his 'condition' as a disability, neither did we. He is still one of my best friends in the world however, I haven't seen him in almost 15 years, we have over 3k miles between us but we have talked.

    Gary, did you also notice my misspelling of the word 'sure' above? I do that quite a bit because of my musician background, I relate the word 'sure' with 'Shure' which is a brand name of a very popular microphone. LOL
    my brother has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. He is a terrible speller. without spell check or a secretary, you'd think he was in the fifth grade. i don't think my spelling stands out like that of a child and i sure do not have the brains in the family. both my parents were journalists. they could spell. their favorite game was scrabble.
    Back on the subject, people misspell words because English is a very irregular language. It has crossed the world and has become the most widely spoken language, but I think that we English- speakers should clean up our linguistic act and regularise the language by making 'werds spelt like they ar spoken and eventualy eliminate iregular verbs'. George Bernard Shaw made a start on this.
    Apparently in Spain and Italy dyslexia does not exist because these are regular languages- what you see is how you say it.
    Whooo noze?
    versatile = able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities

    dyslectic = a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence
    Typing too fast. Not really knowing the words, sometimes. There are various reasons. Perhaps, the individual entering the comments, are not English speaking. Or.. Yes, it is the spell checker entering what it expects your words to be next.

    Your sister,
    why is everyone talking about being 'dyslectic' ? it's 'dyslexic' 'dys' meaning the negative, and 'lexic' from the latin 'lexia' meaning 'words'

    Because we believe in our spell checker.. I kinda ties in with the thread dont'cha think?? :)

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