are we alone in universe?

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    What we have here it seems is a failure to agree,

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    We have no way of knowing the answer to that question, even though it is asked over and over and over again.  Though it's impossible for us to know, some will say emphatically YES, others emphatically NO. I'm quite willing to admit, I don't know!


    I Youse to be indesive now im not so sure,

    I believe there is other life other than on earth. 

    I think the odds are that we are not alone. They may not too look like us or function in the same way but they exist.---


    Two thumbs up, Julie

    as others have said it is a 50/50 question,,,,my answer is we are alone in our universe,i believe this is the world and universe that our God created,,that answer is biblical,,however i believe there could be another universe out there that belongs to another God,,that is not biblical.....i have this belief because the bible says the warring angel Micheal was with God from the beginning,,so i have to ask ,why did God have a warring angel before us,,and if that is so ,who was a warring angel fighting ,,because a warring angel does not fight humans,,the imagination can now run wild,,,,having said all this, i remain loyal to anything the bible say's..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always nice talking guys and girls,,


    Intresting comment Terry,

    For those of religious disbelief of other life out there, I ask you one question, if god is the supreme being, all forgiving etc..  How could he forgive himself for  creating such a vast endless universe with galaxies/solar systems, planets as there are grains of sand  on all beaches of the world and beyond that, and not place life anywhere else than this one speck of sand.  What makes us so special? Why did he only pick earth to walk on, why didn't he  make this one speck perfect, he has the ability to do that if he wants, but yet he chooses to make this one planet, the only planet with life a war like selfish, un-predictable, intolerant  place to be?? I think this would be a bit selfish of the 'creator' to do that.  

    I not only believe in life elsewhere, but I believe the solar systems containing intelligent life are beyond us in adapting to themselves and other life forms on other stars. I also believe that we do not fit their lifestyle as we can not get along with ourselves let alone strangers from other planets, we spend our times throughout history learning new and more efficient ways of killing each other.

    I believe 'they' travel the stars as we would travel to the next town, we can't see or understand how that is possible because we are not supposed to, we would be a threat to all living beings out there once we figure out how to travel in space,  but for now, we must create drones, bombs, chemicals etc to kill each other.  

    Weird concept huh?? but worthy of reasoning.      


    That's the only concept that's made any sense to me so far.:)
    terryfossil 1

    Vinny,???,and who are you to suppose to understand the wants and desires of a GOD,who can make all these things you talk of,and could just as easily destroy it all in the blink of an eye..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No, we share (or rather, we dominate and abuse) this planet with millions of other life forms, so odds are that there is plenty of non terrestrial life out there. :-)  


    Hi Grit, Welcome back.

    I am here. You will never be alone here, even if you were the last human being in the universe...I am here.  

    If you want to know something that will conclusively demonstrate that speeds above light speed is possible, with all the ramifications of fact support and that there is intelligent life out there...Then consider an event you can witness for yourself.....the Andromedia Nebula exploded into fire about 300 years ago. NASA has reported the reception of announcements and warnings about these events and we are seeing a rise in energy levels here and in our own sun as these energy levels continue to rise and the light of the event will be arriving here soon. It will be clearly visible day and night for three months. The event poses no threat to us but considering the fact that it is discussed  in The Urantia Book written in 1938 may give you a clue.  


    Thats very comforting Robo,

    my guess no.

    With all the trillions of solar/ planetary systems out there, it's absurd and ego-centric to think that we are the ONLY  higher life forms with intelligence  i.e.  humans.

      Like Julie H said, they might not look  just like us, but I'm sure they are intelligent humoid type beings.


    There are millions upon millions of suns like ours. Some place ,some where ,either now or in the past, there is/has been life other than us. They are just too far away for us to detect. Maybe we don't want to find the other creatures like us. We exist , so chances are others do as well. Maybe in the next 25000 years voyager 1 will be detected by another life form.

    According to Louis Farrakahn the mothership  circles earth. Another Obama supporter.


    So, Obama is God ?

    He and his followers think so. Chris Mathews leg tingles at the mention of his name. :)

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