I can not get the gift button to let me send any gifts to friends. Also I can't get the add friends to work

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    I'm assuming this is a game issue on Facebook. You have o contact the developers of the game to have the issue corrected. They may already know about it however and are working on it. 

    If the game is a Zynga game, follow these instructions to contact them. 

    1. First go to

    2. Next at the top right of the page, click Facebook Connect.

    3. Then Sign in to Facebook and allow the Zynga Player Support application access to your Facebook account. You can adjust Privacy settings in the bottom left corner of the Zynga Player Support dialog box.

    4. Now, create a nickname for your account. This nickname will appear in your Social Support actions only.

    5. Last but not least, click Create Account. The system will check to make sure your nickname is unique.

    6. Your new account is created and a simple account profile displays.

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