Is Pink Eye contagish by air born

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    There are different forms of pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis). Spread of pink eye occurs through touch. It is not an airborne disease. 


     Bacterial conjunctivitis is the most common form and is caused by bacteria that may come from your own skin when our natural bacterial flora over acts or upper respiratory tract either from yourself or another person. What differentiates bacterial conjunctivitis from other forms is a mucopurulent discharge that forms a crust on the eye over night. When the eye is producing tears and discharge, bacteria are in these fluids and can easily be transmitted to others. Infection through casual contact is likely, and an infection can spread through a family, a classroom of students or a group of office colleagues very quickly. Bacterial conjunctivitis is self-limiting and can resolve on it's own in a week or two without any treatment. However, it can also be easily treated with antibiotic eye drops of ointments that an resolve the symptoms in a few short days.

    Viral conjunctivitis is characterized by a wet weepy eye. There are currently no effective medications to treat a viral conjunctivitis other than artificial tears. This kind of pink eye can last from a few weeks or more. Once again, the virus is present in tears and discharges from the eye which can be passed on to others all too easily. Direct contact with the infected eye should be avoided and any bandages, tissues and cotton pads used for bathing the eye should be carefully wrapped and disposed of properly. 


    Allergic conjunctivitis is a form of pink eye that is not contagious. It is a reaction caused by an allergy inducing substance and symptoms include itching swelling, redness and tearing. It can be easily treated with a cold compress and allergy eye drops.

    To prevent the spread of pink eye, the sufferer should wash their hands frequently, and should try not to touch or rub the affected eye at all. Washcloths and towels should not be shared with other family members and should be given a hot wash to kill the bacteria or virus. Communal objects such as telephones, door knobs, faucets and toys should be disinfected with antibacterial wipes and disinfectant sprays to neutralize the bacterial or viral infection. 


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