Twisters in America

    in a land where twisters are regular, why doesn't the government enforce underground bunkers in all houses,, the government could always kick in a token amount to help the people out,,,,,,,also ,houses built in earthquake areas ,are built to withstand certain  earthquake that possible for Twisters????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always nice talking

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    We ask the same questions Terry. We especially want to know why they keep allowing people to build and live in hurricane alley, at least the sections that get hit the hardest consistently. 

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    We have a place in the lockeyer valley, it flooded badly in 2011,the whole town was pretty much washed away,those that lived could have rebuilt,but who could have afforded the insurance,,so for those that agreed,the government rebuilt the homes on higher ground,,however not everyone wanted to cannot please everyone all the time Colleen....................................

     It all is economic.  Homes with basements cost more. What about people who live in mobile homes and the workers who build those homes.?  Why does my power go out a lot? No one wants to pay to upgrade any thing.  Our roads are full of pot holes. No one wants to pay to get them fixed! It's ALL money!!

    Our government is so thoughtful. Building home along beach front property in Hatteras North Carolina has long been difficult. To get insurance for a home there has been simply impossible so borrowing to build was impossible. Our government likes for folk to build anywhere they choose so they decided to provide low cost insurance for all who wanted to build a home there. That was a very big deal for our clever government to come up with because it made the home construction industry grow much bigger, moved lots of money stimulating the economy and gave many people an opportunity to build luxurious houses on the sand dunes of Hatteras.....even though the whole strip of land get blasted by hurricanes regularly.

    Our government thrives on the movement of money. Stuff money in a cookie jar and they will find a way to make it obsolete in time. Money must move or it becomes useless. It doesn't matter if money is used to buy something, lost or stolen, invested or taxed because it is moving....and that keeps everything working. That is why Wall street scammers get a slap on the wrist and back alley thieves remain in jail where money moves to keep them there.

    Money is indifferent to morality. Make it what ever, money is the trade relation that supports money. Trade wheat for cars and the fluctuation of values....eventually declared may be an untax-able financial loss and financial profit.

    That's why I dislike supports cheating 

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    the bartering system is brilliant but outdated Robert

    It's something we will have to go back to Terry when the world banks collapse, and they will. Too much greed, theft and corruption there too.

    We can barter on a small scale basis effectively and efficiently without much of a problem. Cars, boats and planes seems to work ok with money. I sell eggs to friends @ $2 a dozen. I also accept table scraps the chickens may like. Managing this is simple and the feed is paid for with a little left over. I let a few chickens to hatch eggs in the spring. So every year a few more are added to the flock. The ground I have fenced off for the birds is fertilized for free and everything edible by birds is consumed. It's a simple arrangement that we all enjoy and I don't bother with butchering chickens preferring to release them in the wild for the various wild things to take care of. I would like to release chickens that can live wild rather than these breeds that are so dependent on man.
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    I had a 10 acre property once Robert,,stand in the middle of the dark,and listen to the sounds of the night,,,that was life,,your chooks remind me of it ,,thanks

    I just said pretty much the same thing tonight Terry. Had a friend visiting and we were outside after dusk and the night birds were calling and singing, the peepers where peeping and the day's busy noise was silent. I said to my friend how I love the sounds at night. They give life to the darkness that can sooth a soul after a long and trying day. As you said, night sounds are life, real life, natural life. Nature sharing her voices that get drowned out by the man made noises during the daylight hours.
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    Darn girl,we do seem to have more in common than we think,,And yes Colleen,it is a feeling that people from the city do not understand,,Of course until they experience it themselves......Nice talking Colleen..........

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