the product of the neutron activation of oxygen dissolved in water

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    I'm not sure if this will help because I do not understand your question which is more of a statement than a question. 

    Neutron activation is the only common way that a stable material can be induced into becoming intrinsically radioactive. All naturally-occurring materials, including air, water, and soil, can be induced (activated) by neutron capture into some amount of radioactivity in varying degrees, as a result of production of neutron-rich radioisotopes. Some atoms require more than one neutron to become unstable, which makes them harder to activate because the probability of a double or triple capture by a nucleus is below that of single capture. Water, for example, is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen requires a double capture to attain instability as hydrogen-3, tritium, while oxygen requires three captures to become unstable oxygen-19. Thus water is relatively difficult to activate, as compared to sea salt (NaCl), in which both the sodium and chlorine atoms become unstable with a single capture each. These facts were realized first-hand at the Operation Crossroads atomic test series in 1946. 



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