If anyone remembers the movie, or read the book for "Flowers For Algernon" do you think that by rebooting the movie now would make a big difference?

    Now and days movies try to rekindle the wonderful memories of old movies, by bringing them back to life. By rebooting them. Examples: Godzilla, and Robocop

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    Godzilla and Robocop have both been remade. What do you mean by rebooting them?

    Rebooted means the same as remade.

    Well then, they've been rebooted already.

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    I'm sure Pixar could make a very good up to date version of the movie, I liked the book too.


    The movie title was CHARLIE.

    40 years ago I was walking along the streets of a residental neighborhood and encountered a young boy who was attempting to sell some wilted pansies to make some money. I asked for his name and he said his name is Algernon. I had to sit down for a moment to look this kid over and the whole history of that story raced through my mind. I asked about his family...Italian...No body wants to buy dead flowers...he had mumbled that repeatedly. So i said I know lots of people that want to buy dead flowers. Why? he asked. People give fresh flowers to people they like.....but they will buy dead flowers for people they don't an insulting statement. When you parents come home for dinner tell them about this chat. But where could I find people who would not like other people enough to send dead flowers?...Washington DC.... I said... there are lots of people there that don't like other people enough to send dead flowers.  They moved to Washington DC that week and within a week were in business selling "Flowers from Algernon." It didn't take long and they were on 60 Minuets.        

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