how to fix my car music C D player......

    It's part of the car radio . I put a CD in there, it said  " ERROR " b/c it actually wasn't a music CD,. it was a video type DVD. Thought it was a  music CD. So then I put a real music CD in the player, and it won't work. What screwed it up? How can I fix it.? If I go to get a new car radio that has a CD player, will they have one that fits an '03  P.T. Cruiser ?  Will I have to go to the dealer to get one ? Will it be expensive ?

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    Have you tried turning the CD player off ? It may re program itself once you turn it back on.


    Yeah. I turn off the car radio when I'm not using it. In fact, I turn off all electrical equipment before I turn the car off.Is that what you mean ? Thx for you input,PL .

    pythonlover - I have been looking at your answers - there is not so much of you there (I miss hearing you) but you have put the thread to go to for info which is good - ROMOS does this too. I do not know how you know some of this stuff. Hope this finds you well and happy.

    mycatsmom -  The button on my cd player on my car radio is a separate one for the on and off. Am I on the right track - pythonlover will know. I can turn cd off and have radio on or both off. Oh dear - do I know what I am talking about - no,  just thought this might be the problem.

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