is this illegal

    I carry a 2 Metre chain in the front seat of my car,,and a Axe handle in the back seat of my car,,,My wife reckons it is illegal,,,what do you think?????????????????????????????? 

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    A Baseball bat is the go Terry. Just remember the minute you use it for anything beyond baseball,  it becomes classified as a weapon, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do, to protect his self and family.


    Keep in mind that many who carry weapons often get them used on themselves.

    terryfossil 1

    the baseball bat is beside my bed,,yeah, i know what you mean Python,i promise you, when i swing it it will be swung well


    terryfossil 1

    why what???????

    The chain? The axe handle?

    Moved terryfossil's comment to here > Roy, you are 58, i am 63, i have a hip and knee replacement, and i have kinda knocked my hands around,i have done a bit of Wing Chun,,but at 63 i am not going to be to great at defending my wife or myself brilliantly ,,there are some ratbags out there,and i need a bit of help to break even with them,,,calling a cop after the event does not appeal to me.........................................................

    I get your point Terry,must be rough where you live?
    Not as fit as I used to be either but I'm well known about town, not too bad in my area.
    terryfossil 1

    no Romos, not any tougher than anywhere else,,i used to be one of those ratbags a long time ago,,i did not have to be in a special place or have a reason to do someone,,however i was always respectful of the elderly ,,something a lot of the younger generation don't have,,

    As I said, I get your point.

    In the UK it wouldn't be illegal to have them in the boot of your car, but if you said you were carrying them to defend yourself, that would be illegal.

    I think Violence begets Violence,




    terryfossil 1

    hey Hec, i doubt you would say that after you have had your head and guts stomped on. also i am talking about self defense, not going on a bust head rampage,,,,always nice talking Hector,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    No i must agree terry,thats never happen to me in civilian life anyway,and i think that all have a right to defend thierselfs,

    I had a friend with a gun rack in his truck and he put and umbrella in it. Yes, we can carry a rifle in our trucks here…….


    It sounds as if you need them in America,

    Those items are not illegal, but if you were pulled over by a policeman, he might ask you why you had them.  My son carries a bunch of stuff that isn't a good idea; if you ask him why, he'll tell you he saw enough on his cross-country trip to know you never know and can't trust anybody. Another son has the baseball bat by the bed.  
    I sincerely hope you never have a need to use either of them. 

    A bat by the bed?  Is that to insure a home run?  I never had or will carry a chain, bat, etc. in the car, or have one by door, bed, etc.  We have a safe community where I live, maybe I am spoiled, or lucky.  I do not plan on changing as I age, I never was much of a fighter.  We also have excellent police with response time in minutes.  Other than that, If I am meant to die, I die...


    you will suvive longer then those with a chain under thier bed my friend,

    My luck would have lightening strike the chain, and I would fry to death...

    Those 2 items would not be illegal to have in a car here in the USA. 


    I Think an A/K 47 ,Might suit you best Colleen,

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