Do you think animals have a soul.......especially mammals, like horses, dogs, cats ?

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    Yes I'm sure they do, you can tell by the look in  their eyes when you show them love and affection, they are giving you love back by the way they look at you. 


    Best Answer. That's what I think too. The eyes are the window of the soul. Anyone who's ever had a cat knows they're warm,alive,soft, cuddly, and they show you love. My 3 cats have 3 different, distinctive personalities.

    Only soul knows how to love. Animals love so to me that means they have a soul. I have had first hand experiences that have proven to me that animals have a soul. They are my experiences however so you can only take me at my word. 

    I’m afraid they don’t. I don’t expect to see Lassie in the afterlife. It’s a real shame as I just got back from a trip with a friend who was placing the ashes of his 15 year old dog in the river. He told her he would see her in heaven……….


    That was touching <3
    terryfossil 1

    time will tell JH

    Hi MCM, i have heard Preachers who know more about the bible than i do, say no...however i am not 100% convinced ,,i would like to think they do, i would like to see my little mates in heaven,,But i honestly do not know,,always nice talking MCM.......................................................


    Thanks for your input,Terry

    I don't know for sure. The relationships we have with our pets is often more fulfilling than ones we have "friends".  Our pets don't talk about us behind our backs, borrow things they break or don't return, or otherwise disappoint us.....Dieszal chewed up one of the pumpkins the other day.....doesn't come close to the antics my sister and her spawn have pulled this past year.  


    Bob/PKB, I do agree with you, the relationship we have with our pets is more fulfilling than with our friends, They never judge us. etc

    I asked one of my elderly friends if she liked her cats better than her kids, and she unhesitatingly said, " Yes ! "

    Not a good commentary about that friend and her kids! My pets are steadfast companions, most of the time, and very dependent on me for food and shelter. My kids are supposed to be taking care of themselves and their families at this point in time; it's refreshing to be able to say, "They ARE!".

    Only if you believe there is.


    I still believe there is a Santa Claus . And Zorro, maybe if we click our heels together, we can get to the Land of Oz.

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