Hi Everyone... Need help with canning lids

     I am stumped and need a little help. I am making a light above the kitchen island and would like to use mason jars for the lights, {Google them I think they look pretty cool} The problem is I have several old style zinc canning lids I would like to use, but can find a way to get the porcelain out of the lid without breaking it. I know there's gotta be a way but I can't find any info on doing it. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

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    country bumpkin

    I'm country at heart. I've seen the mason jars used as lights. Really Cool JDB.

    Thanks country it will have 5 lights and will be about 10 long. I'm making it out of just plain old black iron pipe painted semi gloss black. Attached to the beams up above the kitchen.

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    Try a little sample of one you don't perhaps need to use in a dilute of Hydrofluoric Acid, say 50/50, this should loosen or dissolve the porcelain.



    HI ROMOS, I should have clarified that these are porcelain inserts. There bout a 1/4 inch thick and I would like to save them if I can.

    Save the porcelain or the zinc?
    The acid will make the porcelain soft and not harm the zinc.

    actually trying to save both. The inserts are loose and will rattle around a little but they won't come out.


    HAHAHA But they still gotta come out I can drill a hole in the top of the lid, I need to put a light socket in it anyway but If I try to drive the porcelian out they still break..... I am befuddled. It just might be time for a drink...

    Clamp and duct tape?

    That might be an idea

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