Explain what the number lines mean? It's inequality with number lines.

    Which number line shows the given inequality? 

    m < 7.5




    <input id="radio_9085_379178" name="radio_9085_379178" type="radio" value="1270558" /> A.




    <input id="radio_9085_379178" name="radio_9085_379178" type="radio" value="1270559" /> B.




    <input id="radio_9085_379178" name="radio_9085_379178" type="radio" value="1270560" /> C.




    <input id="radio_9085_379178" name="radio_9085_379178" type="radio" value="1270561" /> D.


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    2 Answers

    I am sorry that I can not answer your question.  Try using google.  Some folks here feel we should not help with homework but after all what is a question forum for?  Sadly I am math dumb. I do hope you find your answer.


    Math is not my strong suit either.I wonder if by " radio " value, he means ratio ?

    I believe the correct answer is "A", because the circle at the 7.5 value is open. This indicates the value 7.5 is NOT included, which would be m < 7.5 (the value of "m" is less than 7.5)
    In answer "B", the circle at 7.5 is full, which implies the value of m is less than or EQUAL to 7.5.
    In "A" and "B", the value of the pink line decreases, and I am assuming "m" is the pink line. 
    In answers "C" and "D", the value of the pink line (m)  either starts at or exceeds 7.5.      

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