Do you believe in psychics?

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    No. It is interesting to have a session, but I don't put ANY faith in what I'm told.  I knew a woman who visited one regularly and believed every word. (She's still waiting for her 6'4" cowboy).  


    Close your eyes and let your mind go blank,

    Not my cowboy...

    Ill get a box to stand on for the other 7inches,

    I don't think you'd be interested in the woman I was referring to, unless you enjoy hearing the same cr*p over and over and over again for at least a dozen years???

    I Assume she wes not your best mate then?O,L,L.

    Actually, for a long time, I considered her one of my closest friends. When she gossiped about my dad, who has been dead since 2001 (and she never met him), I was done. I think she planned a way to end our friendship; it worked!

    What a nasty B---h,think of her legs as bowling pins,When you next strike out,

    Oh no. Much better to focus on my game and forget the tortures of the day. Bowling is my escape from the scumbuckets

    Guess your right Miss Bob,

    :D I don't hear THAT very often! THANKS!!

    No...unless while I'm typing this, my telephone rings and it's a psychic telling me to shut down my computer and do some vacuuming!


    look into my eyes ,look into my eyes,do you feel anything????????

    The urge to vacuum?

    Are there you are thats just what i was trying to get you to do,dont forget under the beds,and around the skirtings,

    <sigh> Okay hector, my vacuum cleaner is humming. :(

    Trusting in psychics is somewhat of a sin, beyond the will of God. I feel guilty when I listen to predictions but am fascinated all the same. I’m with MCM, none of the good seems to come true but  the negative always seems to fine me……..

    I have had my tarot cards read a few times, the funny thing is, all the negative predictions come true, and not the positives.


    Not funny at all. :-[

    i think i could be a psychic on the negative side, you too probably. "man climbs side of building with no ladder." my prediction: doing an activity you really love, you're going to break both legs while on a weekend trip.


    I only talked to a psychic  2 X.......but they were not the same person . Both of them were way off.But, at a seance'  a medium was very close when she told me about my late husb.  I try to stay away from them, b/c as Christians, we  are not supposed to go to sooth slayers, mediums, and the like.

    I'm with the Mentalist on this one; there is no such thing as a psychic.

    My story about Psychics, my bud and I were passing a shop of one, there was a truck for sale in front.  We went to door, my bud asked "if we buy it, can we have a free fortune?".  She said yes, he said, how about it first, I want to know how long the truck will run!... 

    no, there are only 3 people who know your best kept secrets,you ,God and satan,,God will not tell somebody about you,you will not tell someone about you,so who is left and why does he tell someone,,,,, is a little story,,i used to listen to those star sign talking on the radio,,every day for a week they would say i was going on a the time i was serving a 2 year prison sentence,,,yup i was already on a holiday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always nice talking

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