Boston Marathon aftermath hoax. What do you think the appropriate sentence should be?


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     The goofy guy dressed in black and barefoot should be charged with terrorism! He was trying to terrorize people! The other thing with camera equipment may have been a mistake.  Blowing the bags up was the thing to do. There are way too many nut cases running loose.


    A A A Aman!

    You should await the outcome of further investigations before reaching any conclusions. Innocent till proven otherwise.


    Law enforcement is trying to do everything in its power to keep america from turning into places like syria, nigeria, iran , etc. we have to nip all jokes and pranks about terroism in the bud!  i love news and watch tv and listen to radio as much as i can.  70 something people got blown up in nigeria 2 days ago.  then 19 people blown up.  the testers out here, who are pulling pranks to see how we civilized people might respond need to be shipped off to jail before the fat lady sings. no, absolutely no, activity like this should be tolerated for 5 seconds. mental problems or no mental problems.  many people would like to see the U.S. have a meltdown and we can't let that happen. Jail card for pranksters please!!!



    American law enforcement is on a fast track to becoming terrorists themselves. It's time we get a handle on the abusive behavior cops have been allowed to get away with for decades. No one trusts a cop any more with good reason. No, they are not doing everything in their power to stop us from turning into the places you mentioned since they seem to be the leaders in helping to turn the USA into a police state, just like the countries you mentioned. Who do you think are the real testers to see how Americans will react?

    As for the actual story, it just shows yet again that we need to re-open the asylums.

    we need those asylums. we can thank reagan for their closures. i remember when it was occurring in california.

    and every president after him who has chosen not to reopen them. I think they keep them closed for fear they they will be the next guests to live in one.

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