Can an animal read your mind,even when not in the same room??

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    i think yes.  they know and sense things we can not even imagine.

    I don't know for sure but they definitely react when I pick up what's left of the next to last rose bush and gently ask,  "Who did this? "  The innocent one ignores me and the guilty one hits the dirt and rolls onto her back immediately. 


    Definitely, but I always get the inside information from my Fleamily of spies!

    Yes. We all knew yesterday that you...


    ....would ask this question today!  


    But i was thinking of it last week already,

    I thought of it a month ago!

    I know mine do. If I'm thinking about going for a walk they sense it and start to follow me around the house. I don't mention the word "walk"or "park" because if I do, they go into a frenzy of excitement and I can barely get their leashes on.

    Obviously they cannot read our mind, they can however pick up on the non-verbal cues which we may not know that we are sending.  I do know what you mean, and would often give my late dog credit for being in touch with me like he actually knew what I was thinking!  He could almost talk, and seemed to know about 10 or more items by name, another words, he linked what the sound of their names was to the item.  He didn't actually know the names for the items. 

    My two cats can certainly tell the time, they know when it's meals time and bed time.If we have visitors in the evening, they know that 10.30pm is usually bed time, and that they get a few biscuits at that time. They will sit in front of people and stare, then if they don't take the hint, they will meow at them, as if to say time to leave. It's a good thing that all our friends are animal friendly, and have a sense of humour.

    country bumpkin

    My grandfather acquired my 14 year old Dachshund when I moved last year. My grandfather informed me that Nicholas knows when it's the lunch hour. Nicholas will walk up than set in front of my grandfather's recliner and growl and bark at him until my grandfather gets up to fix the two of them some lunch.

    Little darlins.

    My cats don't really read my mine.But, like Bustie said, they pick up non-verbal visual cues as to what I'm going to do next.  I heard tho, that cats are somewhat psychic.

      My two dogs both knew when  I was packing to get ready for us to go and spend the night at my grandfather's house.



    But could they see or hear you,ha,ha,William was downstais me upstairs in bed,and no noise,as i was Ill, and he somehow knew,
    country bumpkin

    I must admit that I do not think my dogs are/were physic but they sure are/ were intuitive. When they saw me packing their dog food in a plastic bag or if they saw me packing my overnight bag they became uncontrollably excited. They both knew we were going to Great Pa's house to spend the night.

    Yea i give you that C/B,

    I know dogs are intelligent creatures and some have been observed reading newspapers, but have the gift or ability to read our minds is, I think, exaggerating it a little and I cannot swallow it.


    With William I have notice over the years he only reads the broardsheets ,or should I say the more upmarket newspapers,Politics,and how Man/U,has got on seems to be his thing,,

    Yes my dog can read little bit, whenever i get ready to go out..and when my dog see me m wearing clothes then he go and stand near the door so that he can also join me.

    Not sure about animals, but my wife can.

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