Just read an article about Michelle Obama's bad attitude, and all I could think was how much I really don't care.  My mother-in-law (R.I.P.) was a New Yorker who couldn't wait to vote for Hilary Clinton to be a Senator. She thought Hilary was so brave and smart. I thought she was an idiot for allowing herself to be humiliated around the world by her unfaithful husband and just put up with it.  
    Do you have a favorite "first lady" and/or one you really found abominable?  Who were they and why did you love/hate her??

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    Laura Bush--- She was a classy lady!!   It's a terrible shame how the media treated her too, and her daughters. same with Sarah Palin, they have insulted continually, even now that she's not a threat anymore. Michelle Bachmann is another one they ripped on.

    But not dear Michelle Obama, I find her a racist, anti american, spends more taxpayer money than all first ladies combined. But lest I say  more and be accused of being a racist myself. 

    I adored Laura Bush the day she teased her husband George for his mispronunciation of the word nuclear, which he continues to this day to pronounce nuke-you-ler! Odd that he never "got it" and corrected himself.

    country bumpkin

    She's my favorite. (*~*)

    I like her too.

    I like her as well,

    Eleanor Roosevelt  (1884 - 1962)

    She was your 34th 'First Lady' and for me one of the most interesting and fascinating women of her time. If you know little about her then do try and get hold of a book or biography on her life.

    I adored Jackie Kennedy, but I think that most people did back then. We were caught up in the whole Camelot mystique. And then when President Kennedy was killed the martyr syndrome only enhanced the attraction. Of course, years later we found out that it was all an illusion.

    I grew up worshiping Jackie. As a child I rolled out some Playdoh that I swore was the profile of her and I put hair and eyes on it. I was a kid!……..


    you know, even with all the recent disillusioning revelations about them I still look back on those days in the early sixties with great fondness.

    I  think the first Lady should be the one that can take out a 7/10 Split,


    It's something I've only seen a guy do. .. my teammate a couple years ago.
    I did know a woman who converted"the big four". That should be okay, you think?

    Yea the big four will do,Miss Bob,

    We'll put her in the oval office, then. I just got back from state tournament in San Diego (a very long drive). There were 32 from our "house" and it was a tough shot for most of us. I didn't burn up the lanes, but probably did better than almost everyone. Pity, as I was 7 pins under average for 9 games.

    I will come with you next time and be your coach,

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