Hi;I've purchased a 300W/6000W pure sine wave inverter from someone on eBay who had purchased it from you around February this year. The instruction manual cover suits the unit but the internals of the booklet are very generic. For example, I see no access on the unit to replace fuses. Does it have internal fuses? The unit is said to be under warranty yet. After the warranty expires where would I go for service? Thanks,Bob MacDonnell in Brisbane

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    I suggest you contact the maker of your item for warranty information.  There are over one million websites when I Google "300W/6000W pure sine wave inverter", but I pulled this web address for you.  Like I said, contact the company who produced your inverter.      

    Sorry . You're on the wrong web stie. This is not Ebay , and we don't sell anything on this site. This is a site where it's members ( volunteers) answer questions that are sent in about anything in general .

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