how can a company establish socialisaion programme tht will maximize employee productivity and independence

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    Production at the top of a pyramid, socialization is one leg, independence is the second leg and you would be the third leg.   The bottom of this pyramid would be the tools and equipment to make it all work together. Doors bring in supplies and sends out products. The endurance of any structure is reliant upon strengths and pyramids are workable only when the associations are not in conflict and contribute to the whole system strength. Such structures are capable of growth by defining structural elements to build the system further. But in this case with you emphases on social and independence, the productivity would seem to be more likely to involve a service industry such as catering and festival management where these would seem more worthy of consideration in product development.     

    Product oriented enterprises involve a call for a range of disciplines in product development and are less involved in social independence that is not a factor in production. 

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