2 New York City police officers responded to a fire in a high rise apartment house.

    They took the elevator upstairs, and upon the elevator doors opening, they were overcome by smoke. One died this morning, the other is in critical condition. Unbelievably, there is no standard operating procedure for the police in a fire situation like this in NY, and in many other cities, including London, England. Of course, NOW there will be, at least in NY. Really, how stupid can the NYPD be? I thought it was a "given", not to take an elevator when there's a fire. (Not that it makes any difference, but the fire was set by a 16 year old, who said he was bored). Thoughts?

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    I know for a fact that the Scottish Police are trained for this, I thought it was a given in their training all over the world, something is lacking somewhere, I'm sorry for the loss of at least one brave man.

    Some police officers show a duty of care, how unfortunate for these poor fellows. Obviously they were not trained as that of a fire fighter. 

    I'm stunned.I also thought it was a given that you don't use elevators in a fire.I hope they put the bored 16 YO in with the general population.I'm sure there will be someone there to keep him interested.What a little mongrel.It cost that poor copper his life.


    He was also laughing in front of the cameras and had previous run-ins with the law. The charge against him has just been upgraded to 2nd degree murder.

    Next we'll be hearing about what a great kid all the relatives think he is

    The kid should be put with some predator for a couple of months as initiation...


    They were overcome by smoke IN the elevator, or when they exited? 
    Certainly, elevators are not the recommended method of transportation during a fire.

    My heart goes out to the policeman's family.
    The bored kid should spend enough time in a youth facility (if he isn't tried as an adult) and get some intensive therapy.  The magnitude of his actions shouldn't be minimized. A man is dead.

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