After a prostatectomy in 1991, I am now wearing diapers, and changing about 3 times a day. Can I do anything to restore better bladder control?

    One urologist recommend surgery to use a strap to hold my urethra in a better position against my bladder.  This requires general anesthesia, and a long recovery period.  I have AFib and take lots of heart medication.  Should I be afraid of this?  Age 80.

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    Please take your doctors advice on this, no one knows you better than him/her.

    I'm due to have one myself shortly, thanks for the future vision.



    Look into all the alternatives before you go with the surgery, please. A friend of mine from this site is in remission and doing well; there should be options.

    My brother-in-law had the surgery a few months ago. He had a few problems a while, but he's fine now. His advise would be, don't keep the catheter on for more than a few days, get it off a.s.a.p. it was that which caused him problems. Good luck mate.

    Thanks Dave.

    If the benefits and prognosis outweigh the risks and cost, I'd say go for it! 


    Same here, non malignant but still needs to be removed.

    That sucks. Sorry to hear it. :(

    It's only an "OUCH" they tell me.

    So much of our pain is temporary. I think my ex got through his vasectomy much faster than my sons did their circumcisions when they were 9 and 10. :( Long story

    Not compulsory here.

    Here, was to their benefit. Like I said, long story.


    Yep. Even had the paramedics visit after one of them called 9-1-1. LOOOOONG story


    Me too Roy.It's a worry,Hey?

    Ouch, too many fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And f****** tubes!

    Good luck and I am proud of you as an 80 yr. old on the web, great!  Doesn't it expand your world?


    80 is the new 60 .

    Personally,I would avoid the surgery.It would be a damn nuisance changing pads 3 times a day but the alternatives could be a lot worse.Good luck with it mate.

    My late husb had all that, b/c he had surg for bladder cancer, and they took out his prostate. He couldn't pee the conventional way, so he catheterized himself many public bathrooms, and at home. But wore adult diapers at night.

     Wet, try to find someone that had the procedure done, adn ask him how it went afterward. Maybe your doc could arrange for you to talk to a  patient that had it.And change your screen name to something more flattering to you.  

    Wow!  I had a prostectomy in 2006, and radiation. I don't have a leakage problem other than the first couple months.   You at 80, I don't know if I would feel safe with such a painful surgery.  My personal feelings is just keep changing them and enjoy life. No need to put yourself through that misery.  In my situation, radiation burned my bladder internally, so i have exposed blood vessels that rupture from time to time and I see blood in my urine. No a problem though. Just an annoyance. 

    Good luck on your decision, you'll make the right choice.



    thanks for the answer,

    But, you survived, Vinny . Yay! We have a lot of survivors here !

    I have some friends (believe it or not) who have elected surgery, others had non-surgical procedures,so far, all doing well. The one with the least recovery was one with gold pellets. I do not know a lot about it however. Glad you are fine, Vinny.

    Surgical procedures today are sooo much better than even 10 years ago. My surgery was 'almost' painless, actually the only pain I had is when someone made me laugh or when I sneezed/coughed. that hurt a little. Radiation treatment was also easy for me. Not that I would ever want to go through it again, but for any 'guys' reading this have any fear, forget it, It'll add years to your life! Literately!! As for the pellets, I have read on this too, This is very old school, I don't think they even do that anymore. Today they have robotics, nerve sparing, (DaVinci) They brought this out a few months after my surgery but what I read is that its not really any better than what a skilled surgeon can do. But then again, those that operate the machine apparently are not skilled surgeons. :)

    i agree with Vinny. My mom is 80. I have seen family member over 80 get surgery and have tough and tougher times. I told mom not to get anything that not life or death oriented after 80. i think that's my choice too after 80.  enjoy your life! if you must and can get a 2nd opinion from a health oriented practitioner or a chiropractor, who believe, no surgery unless life threatening situation.  Good luck and enjoy the flowers, sun, moon, stars, family, friends, cat, birds and dogs. Yippy!

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