my wife chiting how can i catch

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    Might you be mistaken? Don't jump to conclusions....ask her! Then, try to remember why you married her in the first place. Have you not ever been able to have an honest conversation with each other? Is your marriage worth saving? Are there children involved? If it IS true, what does she have to say about it?

    Cheating, do you mean?  Ask her. Do you have an honest enough relationship? I would suggest counseling for the both of you before you consider divorce…..




    Cheating. Your wife is cheating.

    What you can do, confront her, then file for divorce. 

    I don't see the point of "catching" her.  Ask her!  But I got to say if I were a cheating wife I would lie.   Seek counseling.  Trying to "catch" someone will only hurt you more.

    When I first read this subject, i was thinking.......... LOL!!  Well you know, same thing you were thinking when you saw it. :)


    Spelling makes it fun, heh? Maybe a bucket??

    Oh my eyes! My eyes!!

    I was thinking 'my nose--my nose'..

    TRUST ME, you DON'T want to catch her in the act.  It will burn in your mind for-ev-er.
    Like most of the answers suggest, confront her, and make sure you are coming to the table with some facts, not just some "feeling" you have.  HAVE A PLAN.  She'll probably deny it, in which case, you'll expect to hear some very believable and verifiable alibis and excuses.  If she can't give you that and denies she's cheating....well, you've got a lot to think about.  

    If she IS cheating, I'm of the opinion it's time for her to pack her bags and move along NOW.  

    what makes you so sure she is cheating. Any  behavioral change with you. If you see that, ask her if there is someone else in her life. She will tell you one way or the other. If she admits, let her know the consequences including kids if any and effect on them.  She will probably back off and apologize. Forgive and mend the relationship.  If you are mistaken, apologize.  If the differences are irreconcilable then do the ultimate amicably.

    My OL is going out tonight with a bunch of guys and girls(her favorite). Been going out all our married and unmarried lives. I never had a problem with that and some sleep-over, some stay for a week or more. I'm delighted to have folk here who can pay their own way. I have friends on the side too. I don't consider anything involving friends a sufficient reason to push the theatrics unless we're practicing for a staged scene....that has been known to draw a cop.    


    Life here is too brief to sweat the small stuff. Hail-Hail to Kabuki Theater.

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