list on-farm composting materials

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    You would be amazed what can be composted...   The obvious vegetable matter from the kitchen, old hay, grass, leaves, bread, grains, etc.  In MA they actually recommend the composting of dead animals, on the farm, rather than bruial, which has been found to be more of a pollutant to ground water than to compost them.  This is not permitted except on farms, as there would not be enough land for the homeowner to do such.  The process is to make a bed of organic matter, which can be loads of old hay bales, truck loads of used animal bedding with manure mixed.  Then the animal carcass is added, and immediately, more loads of the manure and bedding mix, to completely cover the carcass with a thick layer.  If done properly, no scavengers will raid the pile, and no turning is needed, and in about 6 mo. the remains will be reduced to perhaps some bones, which may even be dissolving.  The material is then ready to be put in a manure spreader machine, and spread on the land and tilled into the soil.  The nutrients then continue the cycle of life, giving nutrients to plants and later to animals. 

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