Why so many 2 year old questions?


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    ALL the questions posted on this website are important and you need to answer them, even the two-year-old questions asking what time it is in Bangladesh. 
    My serious answer is there is no means of deactivating questions that are "stale" or "N/A". Someone could go through them 100 or so at a time and close questions whose answers have no use at this time... example:  What time does Superbowl XLIII start.    



    Just an open comment for everyone based on part of your answer. I delete questions that can not be answered, daily. It's not a simple one click step to delete questions. It's time consuming and I give what time I have to the task. I know Python has a busy life with her grandson so does not have a lot of time to just sit and delete. I do not know how much time Ducky has for deleting unanswerable questions. Everyone can just ignore the ones that can not be answered. They've been ignored for 2 years, just keep ignoring them til one of us get to them.

    Most of us are getting older now and our memoriers,are not what they use to  be,huh,ha,not like you young frecnhmen,


    Hector dear, I am a Scotsman aged 72 and thus neither young nor a Frenchman.

    Opps,sorry its just that your french is so good,and you certainly do not look your age,

    I love you too, Hector.

    I was wondering that too, Nom, i posted a question which is rare for me about a month ago got two answers and then it was buried, if there was some way to bring it forward, if i could find it. Gone has the days when there were superfluous questions.:) -- The possible reason is the time posted, it is the time differance between the two hemipheres, i know i miss out on good, interesting questions because of this.


    You DO know that you can go back and read pages and pages of questions right? (Answered and Unanswered)

    Well, number one, the questions are there to be answered. After all somebody wants an answers, And some of them are interesting to boot!  Not enough new questions are being asked to keep us busy. What a boring site this would be if we were to limit the age to questions asked.




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