how do one blasphem against the holy spirit

    blasphem against the holy spirit

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    Screw-U. You did not think for one moment that I would notice your F---ing hike to fowl this page with all the sullen, ugly rants aimed at YOU!!!. YOU...looking for a way to get yo-face fff...slapped hard in answer to your quirky-quest to drown in PEE!?!?

    Is that enough or do you want some " cranky-Be-littling remarks or a thrashing too?
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    Robert..???????,,did i miss something? Why the rant ??????????

    blaspheme |blasˈfēm, ˈblasˌfēm|
    verb [ no obj. ]
    speak irreverently about God or sacred things: he has blasphemed against God.

    So the question is "ALL" inclusive. So the rant is turned to him....since he is part of "ALL" too. He thought his question would be impersonal since he did not think he is in the same boat as everyone else.... So separate and special that he doesn't know that he is part of this vast association that involves himself also. The fact that an attack on one is an attack on all, is an act that many do not see as real because denial of the injury to oneself is believed to affect you less....a result of pain dissemination lessoning injury by spreading. We all suffer in any suffering including opponents in war and the dog hit by a truck miles away from the event. When we get monitoring brainwaves and pulse rates over a large populous the fact will be increasingly obvious. We are all joined together here.

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    I hear it's quite easy but not advisable.

    Who knows what might happen?

    You might end up here......


    Using the Lord’s name in vain (GD for one) is as bad as it can get. Even exclamations like “Jesus Christ!" are a sin……...


    hi G.O..first of all you must be baptized in the holy spirit,,and if you receive the power to work in the gift of the holy spirit,,and then after knowing the power it gives you,,you then turn your back on that power,,that means you did not turn your back on God,but on the power of God,,,and God say's he does not forgive that.....always nice talking...........................................................................

    Read this article; that should give you all the information you need:   


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