""  this guy and his wife cruise around my place when i owned the acreage,,he keeps the place clean from mice and other crawley's,,he got pretty friendly,,,,,he is a touch over a metre long,,,,


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    why isn't the gator in water ?
    terryfossil 1

    Gator MCM??????,,he don't like water much,he does like to sunbake,you should see him take on a snake,, however rule 1,,if a Goanna is scared he will shinney up the first tree he comes to,,if you stand still he will think you are a tree and shinny up your legs,,his claws will rip your legs to bits,,remember his claws are for climbing trees,,however they do not purposely attack humans,,,,,

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    What a beauty. Gotta love the Reptiles.

    terryfossil 1

    yeah python,sadly i killed one of his kids,,i had a bird net over one of the orange trees,,and the silly bugger got himself tangled in the netting,,slow death for the little fella,,,,,,,,

    I wish you wouldn't have told us that,Terry
    terryfossil 1

    sorry MCM,,i didn't mean it to sound bad,,on the land things die and things live,,just life i guess,,

    This is why I have cats….Not many lizards (mice eating) in my part of the world………..





    my cats take care of spiders in the basement, and house flies that fly into the back door

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