moth eating orange

    ""  this little guy only eats oranges at night ( observations anyone )


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    Lucky it's only eating an orange and not your clothes.

    terryfossil 1

    one moth does a lot of damage

    What do moths eat and drink


    Moths are a type of Lepidoptera which is an of class Insecta. There are more than 150 thousand known species in this group. Moths are divided in different families and each of these families likes to eat different things. Most moths are pest of plants which means they mostly suck nectar. Moths of family Tineidae are pest of woolen and silken cloths while the silkworm moth eats Mulberry leaves.

    Most adult moths do not eat at all. Instead of eating most moths like butterflies get their nourishment from drinking. They use a proboscis, a long narrow tube in their mouth, that acts like a straw. They usually set on top of a flower and drink the nectar.


    They eat anything that can dissolve in water, They mostly feed on nectar from flowers but also eat tree sap, bird droppings, animal dung, pollen, or rotting fruit. They are attracted to sodium found in salt and sweat. This is why butterflies sometimes land on people in Butterfly Parks. Sodium, as well as many other minerals, is vital for their reproduction.


    Video of moth eating an orange>>

    country bumpkin

    I gave you a tu for this question 4 years ago. I don't why I didn't answer it. LOL

    It took me four years to even see the question! :)
    terryfossil 1

    Not to worry CB, moths eating oranges are not that high on peoples interest,unless they are your oranges..:):):):)..
    country bumpkin

    Good to see you here so soon after the surgery, Terry.

    ....they will also sip human sweat and fluids from bird droppings or animal dung


    I must admit, I sweat a lot on animal dung, a wee Scottish perversion. ;)

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