I have a head inj..had to learn to walk n talk again...

    Just how quickly do you judge people?..My spelling and co-ordination  is appalling but got 1st class Hons degrees in Nursing/Advanced trauma life support..and English Lit...I won  the excellence in Nursing award in my yr out of 400 would my literacy now affect my ability to give you or a loved one the best possible care in A/E..ICU?...Honest answers please!

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    Millie, what spelling- have not notice anything wrong. Besides in the days of email, ANYTHING goes. So would not worry on that issue.  It is a non-issue.  You are a good nurse with great intention to serve others and that is priceless. Keep on pluging - you make many many people happy. Take care.


    ahhh thanks sawali and Bob...I treat every patient as if they were my own family...somebody`s daughter,mother or son etc...too me EVERYONE`S LIFE is SO IMPORTANT...Love one another as I have loved quote and am not overly religious...but I hope u get my drift!
    ..nb a lot of Dr`s spelling..worse than mine..and the no of times you have to pick them up on drug dosages etc!..Scary .in A/E YOU often write up a drug if urgent and then get the junior doc to sign for it..saves time and lives

    I am sure you can Millie,and as for your spelling its almost as good as mine,

    If you can pass the required skills tests, and retain your nursing skills, I do not give a darn if you can spell.  As long as you can write the correct notes, and not mistake Dr. orders, and record information accurately, that is what counts....

    I've never really noticed any probs with your spelling.Who cares anyway.You have overcome a hurdle that would beat most people.More power to ya Millie.Good onya.

    MILLIE333 was a very longtime ago..when I was with violent history really..just sometimes frustrated by small things!XX

    We are proud of all you've accomplised, Millie.


    Ahhh Thank you mcm..that`s sweet!XXX

    Had to do that myself 25 years ago after a brain haemorrhage Millie, took me nearly 2 years but I got there, my memory has never been quite the same but I get by, hopefully the powers that be will recognize you for the bloody good nurse you are (were) and not take such a minor thing as spelling into consideration, good luck.


    My mom had her stroke in her 70’s, right side and she was right handed. She played A LOT of solitaire on the computer. I’d forgotten she ever had one by the time she passed.  Hard work and FREE WLL overcome adversity…...



     Can you tell the drug and dosage correctly? Would you be able to give a shot  correctly measured?





    Of course..and we always double check..I`d never work if I believed anyone was at any risk of my being on a shift!And junior A/E Dr`s often ask your advice t any things..they are there for 6 months and terrified...not much we haven`t seen or done..many times over!!!

    I think your comment says it all, Millie.:)

    Your spelling really doesn't matter- you say co-ordination is appalling- That was my concern

    You do fantastically well Millie. I had a brain haemorrhage on 12th Sept 2001 .I was very lucky, it affected me a bit for a couple of years, but I gradually got back as normal as possible. My brother has recently had one too. He has lost some use on his left side, we are all going to help him work on it to get better.I will tell him about you, if you don't mind, it will give him some inspiration.


    ahhh so kind sunnyB..THANKS..AM SO NOT AFTER POINTS..JUST LOVE HANGING OUT ON HERE...and getting your views...means a lot to I say was a long time ago,,,but still frustrated re spelling...I can act very fast in my job..been doing it so long..prob even a monkey could do it with their eyes shut...but prefer to keep Mine open!;-)) xxxlol

    if you are good at your jog ,that's what counts Millie,,i have an orthopedic surgeon whose bedside manner is not the best and he is disliked by the nurses,,he has done one knee and hip on me very successfully ,,and even the nurses say he is a very good doctor,,my point being ,his bedside manner does not matter to me,,his surgery does,,similar to what you are saying,,,always nice talking Millie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Would you feel safe if you were your nurse.  If you would be good with you,  I would trust you to be my nurse. You know in your heart the answer. 


    Great response, as we do not know as Millie does!

    It's been my response whenever a medical professional has presented me with options for care. If it's good for them, it's probably good for me.

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