What do you think of the latest revealed scam and fraud to taxpayers?

    Last nights news, the tax refunds of US illegal aliens, to the total of $4.3 Billion.  They are using the names of children not even theirs, not even residing here in US, for child credit exemptions.  Some were investigated with refunds of $20,000, and when interviewed about the 20 children, some nephews and nieces RESIDING BACK IN MEXICO!  This one guy had a new mobile home, kid outside playing was his only, reporter asks where are the other 19 children that you claimed on taxes, he says, back in Mexico!  Reporter asks, how can you do this, it is fraud, the guy, I do what I am allowed to do.  And they make sure all the illegals know this....   $4.3 billion a year!

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    The entire world is filled with people who have no problem with dishonesty! They lie everyday about so many things, it's become a lifestyle that they no longer consider to be wrong. Sad indeed.


    ...and the politicians cater to this new group of potential voters at our expense. They do know and remember who makes these things possible, and when given the chance to vote, will repay with their votes....

    Been happening in the UK for years,doesn't really matter who you vote for.
    I'm Scottish, still undecided about independence,It's a freakin lottery out there.

    Personally, I don't care about anywhere else other than my own Country.



    Nice to see that it is universal, we would not want the market cornered on accommodations of these illegals!

    Ted is so right,it has been happing here for years,and is on the increase,Dont blame Ted for wanting to split,Hes always wanted Andy Murrey for hiselfe,

    Extremely shameful. When our culture turned the corner where this is more the norm, it has been a race to destruction, due to such hubris.

    ANY return with an excess number of minor exemptions should be set aside for review.  Personally, I would set that number at 4.  MOST people don't have more than 4 children.  I also think there should be some way of checking to see if children being claimed as exemptions are also being claimed on social service/welfare cases.  If "mom" has an AFDC case for "Junior", grandpa and grandma shouldn't be claiming him (or her) as exemptions.


    Oh that government would be so efficient! Imagine if small businesses operated the way our governments do?

    The ones that fail must!


    Politicians are also on the fiddle. How about Maria Miller, UK Minister of Culture who has claimed expenses to which she is not entitled and has only given a grudging apology?


    Then how could we find somone to play Maria, is not supported by anyone in government. I'm not sure what it is but I think its a fraud based on what I've seen. 

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