a site I can locate a family member without fees....

    finding an aunt, which is related to my deceased father and his only sister... getting older and would like to connect with her..


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    I do not know of any people finding websites that you can use for free. As far as I know they all charge a fee for the expanded information after they allow you to see the most basic information for free. 

    Here are some suggestions I found on the eHow website:


    1 Gather your information. Before beginning to search, clarify who you are searching for and what you know about them. Jot down any names they might be using (nick names, married names, Jon/John/Johnny type variations and any professional or stage names), along with information that can help you search, such as age, places of work, schools attended, spouse's name and notable events in their life.

    2 Start with broad searches. Go right to the online phone book, plug in their name, and see what pops up. is a good one, as it allows national searches, rather than one state at a time. Also try a search on Google. Remember to use name variations if your initial search doesn't turn up results. A Google search should turn up available information from social sites, but you may also want to try a search at and similar sites.

    3 Try This is a commercial service that may charge a fee for full information, but you can conduct a preliminary search at no charge. Intelius returns a good deal of useful and free information such as a person's age and possible relatives.

    4 Use employee directories. If you know where the missing person works, check the company's website or call the company directly and check on the availability of an employee directory. Also search on their name at, a very large online directory of workers in thousands of companies. Jigsaw, like Intelius, also offers useful information at no cost, although there is a fee for full listing information.

    5 Make sure the person hasn't died. If your missing person has been missing for some time, it's necessary to check that they are not deceased. The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) offers free access to more than 80 million records of people who have died from the 1960s up to the present day.

    6 Dig deeper. There are many speciality searches that can help you locate a missing family member, including prison directories and lists of people making political contributions. The links in the Resources of this article offer links to additional sources of free people-search sites.

    Read more:

    Good luck. I hope you find her. 

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