how's your spring going so far? & do you feel like it's spring?

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    Normally at this time of year, we are getting the golf clubs ready. This year.....


    Unbelievable!!!  It just won't stop!!!         :((


    And I thought you canuck Ducks were tough.Get out there in the snow & play golf!
    PS.Use a red ball tho.

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    country bumpkin

    I love your house, is the pond in the back?

    I have the whole basement to myself. I love it when the spring flood hits our neighborhood!

    I think our snow has finally ended.  I was out cutting some trees and stacking brush on Wed. it was a day of temps in the 60's here in RI.  I think it is finally spring, will till some gardens this next week, fertilize lawn, etc. 

    Texas spring is always beautiful and short lived. My spring has sucked what with the death of my sister and my own hospitalization. I’m enjoying a wonderful overcast day right now though…….




    It's Autumn here although we really are getting spring weather. 30Deg C +  today.Beautiful day.

    F..ab t see the spring flowers out..get extra light..feeling happier...And O people seeming brighter!..what`s not to love!!:-)

    Still cold and damp here, same old same old for Bonny Scotland.

    Here's hoping for a good summer.

    So far, so good.  We get a little rain, a little wind.  People are saying it will be in the 90's by the end of next week.  Crazy. 

    We've had some nice sunny days foe the last two weeks, but today is wet and cool. Not bad for April, here in England we have mixtures of weather any time of year, it's never consistent.

    Weather-wise, it's been very "un-spring like" in New York City. Right now, it's 06:30 and 35 degrees F. The flowers have not bloomed yet. Grass is not growing. I wore my winter coat yesterday. It's been pretty much a continuation of a bitter winter, the worst I can ever remember. 

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