Looking to buy small Villa in Greece..for school hols and letting.Where to look..What

    Pitfalls and things need to be wary of due to the economic problems in Greece now...Properties obs mch cheaper but at what negative cost?

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    Get a good land lawyer in the UK, the Greeks will rip you off, be very careful.


    Yep thanks I intend to!..Many properties are very low cost there at the moment for ob reasons..One of my friends bought a four bedroomed villa with pool and beach view for <100k..and many far far cheaper..some starting around the 30K mark..want somewhere reasonable ie..nice..Figure in the long run works out less expensive than all the kids ask for U.K holidays/events all year round..Am not trying to keep up with ex..he`s the monied one..who loves to outdo everyone and everything...I can go to Portugal if I want but sometimes better the kids have Dad time and we have Mum/Aunt time..also would love to take "Grandma"..MY Ma..but health-wise all needs looking in to!:-Z..I`m going to take my time and rely on some good lawyers as you suggest..just wondered where is nice..Great to get o`s holiday feedback..Thanks R.XX

    OK buying the place, the problems start when you try to sell, F*****G NIGHTMARE!

    I’ll be more than happy to occupy it for a week or so to make sure it’s OK for  humans!


    Whatever we decide on won`t be a palace but will be of a good chill out relaxing will be welcomed!-)

    Thank you. I could use a getaway……..

    you are welcome...Everyone needs a break sometimes!..Shall keep you posted!;-)xx

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