Have you ever noticed the turning indicaters on 4 wheel drives/all wheel drive vehicles are just cosmetic features because they never seen to be working!

    Do you have this problem in your country, it seems to me as soon as the driver hops into the seat he/she goes brain dead.

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      It's so frustrating when trying to leave a parking lot  than after a couple  minutes waiting I finally see a break in the flow of traffic  coming from one direction, but there is still one vehicle lagging behind the others coming from the opposite direction, I set there anxiously waiting for the last vehicle to pass by in front of me and all of a sudden it turns. By the time  they turn there's more traffic coming from both directions.  It only takes about a second to switch on a blinker!


    Years ago, there was a cartoon in MAD MAGAZINE that makes me laugh to this day. The set was titled "Don't you hate" and the cartoon was a car driving in the mountains, going around a curve to the right, with a sheer drop on the left. The thing that made it hysterical was the left blinker was obviously flashing and the caption had something to do with "cretins" and flashers.

    Look! Be sensible! How many hands do you think we've got? Got the phone in one hand & a beer in the other what am I gunna turn a blinker on with? Huh??

    The Irish guy next door to me had his left blinker stuck on.He had to drive around the block all night.

    He's got a point, CB...
    country bumpkin

    Everyone comes out to play on this site after I go to sleep.
    Tee hee hee to both of you!

    They also seem to be missing a speedometer!


    But they have HUGE-MONGOUS stereo systems!

    Great music as they speed past us, 3 lanes over! :)

    It' a good thing I don't have a gun, because there would be a lot of people with a tire shot out.

    The use of turn signals has become a COURTESY.  That is something far too many motorists are sorely lacking.  It's the "ME FIRST" Mentality at its worst.  

    carno problems when i am driving

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