She's chewing up EVERYTHING!

    My dog is a lunatic. She has chewed up lawn chairs, planters, the dog house, ANY plastic thing she can get her mouth on, even ROSE BUSHES.

    I can't give her chew toys because the other dog will take them. He has had toys his whole life until I got her; they get along quite well, but either would fight for a toy.

    Any suggestions, short of having all her teeth pulled...

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    country bumpkin


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    Give his belly a rub,


    If only it were that simple!

    You can buy a spray from the vet or the pet shp which has a very bitter taste.It's harmless.You just have to make sure you spray everything ypu think she might chew.


    I'd need a case of spray. There is NOTHING she won't chew. I'll look for it!

    Could be stress environment..or feeling the need for attention over the other dog..WBMG?!...I think this is one for a vet or dog behavioral therapist to intervene.   Felliway difusers work to calm cats releasing a simulated hormone that emulates the security they had with their mother..Might be worth checking out for dogs too!..Boredom can also cause dogs to become destructive...but usually only if they are left alone inside for a longtime or not exercised enough..but that doesn`t sound applicable to yours!

    Good Luck! Xx


    Good ideas, Millie. She is a jumper, too. She jumps into my arms, ready or not. Really wants attention. The other dog gets to come in the house, but she isn't housebroken, so...

    I only guess the boredom bit as a second ? answer as when my sis got her dog..he wasn`t wlked enugh and ate hairbrushes,dolls ..nythng and ripped the place apart ..I know you are more caring than that but now their dog is walked regularly for longer the house is far more intact and the dog n everyone happier!!;-)xxNb..Shall get around to replying..sorry so shockingly slow..just relentless here!XXX

    Not to worry. Tess DOES need to get more attention and exercise...starting with a good brushing and bath.

    I’m not the one to ask, I’ve found new homes for crimes such a you described………..


    She's been threatened with a no-kill shelter, but then you look at her, with her face right in yours and then she jumps into your arms.... then you're pretty sure she needs to go. :D

    Hang a tire in the yard so she can beat it about and try a doggie sweater that is snug as it's said to calm them down even when fireworks are going off. Also try a pen indoors especially when she must be left for short bouts....she sounds a bit anxious....maybe change in diet....try table scraps...she'll live longer too. Never let her in the door ahead of you....she'll think she's boss...and watch a bit of Cesar the Dog whisperer ...



    Thanks for the tips, LL. I will definitely tune in to see what Cesar says. This morning she had one of my star jasmine plants. VERY NOT HAPPY.

    Bob i don't know why, but that tickles me. Animals are funny, the things they do. they are amusing but some things can wear you out.  my question is, have you ever thought about getting in touch with caesar the dog whisperer. he seems like a genius with dogs. i've watch his show a few times, and have seen him tame the craziest of dogs. but according to him there's always a reason why man's best friend acts like he/she acts. caesar tends to think we accidentally conditioned them.


    lindilou recommended I contact Cesar, too, so with two ladies whose opinions I value, it is something I shall do. She is a beautiful dog, and very loving, a bit of a kangaroo, as she will leap into my arms with little or no encouragement.

    Okay Bob,,the kid certainly has a problem,,and it is a behavioral problem,,this guy Caesar seems to be the way to go,,we have a guy in Aussie called Dr Harry,,he has a tv show where he goes around to peoples place and fixes up behavioral problems with any sort of animal,,,he is damn good,,you might look at him on u-tube,,i dont know if he is there,but i hear everything is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,always nice talking

    terryfossil 1

    nice one lindi..............................

    Yes I think you may need some professional help from the dog whisper. Sounds like she's got you under her little paws, she's too cute for you to be hard with her, it's difficult . 



    Thanks for stopping by this question. I hope you'll find some you can offer advice, info, and opinion. It's a fun place to spend some time.

    So good for you, Bob!

    Bob before you call Caesar, maybe you might video tape her and put on youtube. people love funny dog activity. it's funny a dog chewing up a lawn chair. but i always say, dogs have to do something. they can's call their friends, they can't pick a tv program to watch, they can't decide what's for dinner. they have to have some fun and do something. so chewing up a chair seems reasonable to me. i love good dog stories and the things they do.

    She's in the house with the other dog this evening. She wants to sit in my lap, but has finally settled down. Sigh. She is so sweet and pretty and loving.

    Well Bob, some people say the characteristics of one's pet is an exemplification of it's owner's character. So 'sweet and pretty and loving' seems pretty good.


    After the dog trainer leaves, then the dog does what he/ she wants.This is what  my sig other told me happened to their  dog before I knew them.He paid a lot of money for a dog psychologist / trainer to come over. 

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