Weaning kittens..and litter trays!...So long since I`ve had kittens...(Well not me pesonaly)!;-0..Can`t remember no of wks before they start being litter t

    Trays?...we`re at 3 weeks now...chubby little things..Mother is so little she struggles to carry even one!..(She`s getting lots of extra meals).






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    Very cute! Good luck!

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    Millie get the trays now and when you see them squatting put them in it or if you have a little poo in the bed put it in the tray and leave it there they will know and smell and know where to go Mum will show them as well I would get the clumping cat litter you can get it in all natural materials like wood don't put to much in I have brought up kittens from birth as soon as they are of the bottle which is about a month to six weeks they are ready to go now x


    Thanks Mel..How are you?..OFTEN think of you!XXX

    Millie thanks Hun can we have pics of those Furbabies please I am fine working a lot hope you are fine Hun too thank you for asking sweetie xxx

    Glad you are good!..Yep took some pics ystday but aren`t cursing the day I swapped my I phone for a Samsung...will try and take some later today!XXX

    According to webMD, kittens begin to dig and use loose material at about 4 weeks old. 

    This is all on you since the mother does not teach them how to use the tray [DISCLAIMER: according to the article and without testifying that it is FACT, scientific, chemistry, religious, or other , *SNICKER*]  

    OPINION! >>  I would leave litter the mother has used but that you have cleaned. The scent may help them to understand what the tray and litter is for.  




    Why am I not surprised that it`s all up to me!;-) whole life is about emptying cat litter trays!:-)XX

    Become a dog lover instead. They go outside, no litter tray clan up :)

    Dogs poop FAR worse!:-(..I hate running around after my sister`s dogs when they stop every 5 mins and you have to carry endless bags,pick up warm,steaming poop...and decide who`s the lucky homeowner who`s going to get it in their bins!!;-0

    If your sister's dogs poop that much, she's over feeding them.

    TY for that..I`ll pass the message on!:-)XX

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