The and once the law said suicide was a crime. I do not believe in a person's lack of dignity, pain and suffering - not many do. Assisted suicide is still up for question legally. This has to be strictly regulated the person being of sound mind devoid of influence and abuse.

    The church and once the law - correction. 

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    I'm not sure what your question is here but I agree with assisted suicide if there is no hope for survival and the only option is to live in agony with no quality of life. The church can have their own view and call it a sin but they do not live in that person's body to judge their choice. 


    Colleen - I got this all mixed up - Firstly I put it in the wrong box and then when I tried to edit it - I put the first part of the question second and the second part which is above first. It is here somewhere - Pythonlover replied to me and the whole question was voted up i.e. the whole question as it comes up as two. Thankyou.

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