i need a job working at home only.

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    Take a look at these suggestions: 

    more here  


    Computer skills should come in handy.  You may find bulk mailing opportunities, or taking in laundry or ironing.  You can check out some of the websites that need people to assemble things.  Maybe you are a good cook, and can bake or can foods to sell at a Farmer's Market, or online.  Can you crochet or knit?  Paint, make holiday wreaths, or some other crafty ability?  Jewelry?  People like original and handmade items.  With a relatively small investment, you could have a one-man craft fair at your home (advertise as you would  yard sale).  
    Be careful of home jobs you find on Craigslist and other websites.  Employer Beware!!


    There are jobs in my local paper for working at home as a tele marketer. So, look in your local paper, Evelyn, and you might find some. And if you have Purple Heart in your area, many of them make the calls from their home.

    good luck!

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