As an Athiest or any other non-Christian religion,"Would you go to church if a Christian friend or stranger invited you to go with them? Why or Why not?

    Just wondering if you would consider going to a church to see what it's all about...

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    I dont go often,but when i do...i come away with a sense of calm and peace within myself.Give it a go and see what it does for you.

    That's the thing I really like about a good church or pastor, after hearing a good sermon, you just feel better after.
    I think I need to invite more to experience our pastor he's good if you start to dose off he will shout and wake up
    I was told by a pastor thats it's not unusual to get sleepy in church because most people hasn't had a chance to sit still all week.

    True that.
    Yes, I was an usher for years at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, it was very common to see people sleeping or even snoring, and the funny thing is Pastor Bob is a gifted and interesting speaker. Some people just stayed up to late or partied the night before I guess...
    I didn't mean to leave out the Christians, if you want to add some input you are welcome to, thanks for the answers up there.
    as a christian i invited my friends to come on a sunday with me :) all of the group came to have a first experience with me, it was awesome :)
    If I were an atheist would I go to church with a friend? I am not an atheist so cannot answer this from his perspective but I can certainly tell why they should go to church. There is more proof that God exists than that our atheist friends exist. Atheism wraps itself around a fantasy world much like the tooth fairy and Santa Clause. Just because they wish God away that doesn’t make is so. I could spend many hours showing the concrete proofs that there is a God. Now that He does exist where does that leave the atheist? When I was a small boy I took a hose after by big sister. It wasn’t but a second or two that the hose was taken from my hand and she began using it on me. I learned a lesson; DON’T PRETEND THAT YOU ARE BIGGER THAN GOD, you’ll end up on the wrong end of the hose.

    Thanks norm, like your answer. Thumbs up.
    I'm neither atheist nor christian but I help out at one of the churches in my town. I do not go to services however but if a friend asked me to go with them, I would go once or twice. I know how to sleep without snoring, LOL
    i'm not an atheist. i have no answer
    I would not go. I am a Christian and it's the only song I want to sing.
    Yes. I would go. That is a good friend who would want to share their time with you. Regardless of where it is. If you find that it is not for you, you turn to your friend, and you tell them so, but after you have had the chance to be there with them in the place; try, as you may, to enjoy it. They should understand. Who knows, it may be one of the greatest things to happen to you!

    Yes, I would go, if invited.

    Your sister,

    No,you do not have to go to church,people that dose not beleave in God of any kind dose not mean they do not have respect for other people or cultures.We all human and and we do love...

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