The missing airline flight is really stressing me out! I can't believe it just disappeared! Something is Stinky !

    Any ideas where it went??

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    I think it is impossible that it exploded in flight, there would be debris spread for 20+ miles. Even if it dived straight down the wings would rip off and something would be floating.  My opinion is that it was hijacked. If they hijacked and took it down below 2500 feet, it would be out of radar, also turn off the transponder so that the aircraft doesn't send a position marker. 

    As to where it went and why, these are two major questions. Two passengers boarded with fals ID's.. How they know that now and not during boarding is another mystery.


    Thanks Vinny ! I believe you might be on to something!

    You would think that if it was a hijack, we would know something by now, hijackings are done for profit or getting a point across, we haven't heard nothing about a hostage hijacking as of yet. There was a french airliner that went down several years ago, it disappeared just like this one, it was months later that they found it at the bottom of the sea. so it is possible. There was no emergency declared, nobody saw anything. This is very strange-- I may just have to resort to the Bermuda triangle for answers. LOL! Sorry.. bad joke.

    So now we hear that just before it went off radar, it was executing a U-Turn. Over open seas. This could mean two things, either it was hijacked and either the pilot was forced to make a course change or a hijacker took the pilot's seat. Regardless, it went off radar at this precise time of the course change. It also could be that it was a mechanical failure and it was starting its death spiral. Some people say that 'why no mayday'. I could surmise that something happened and they were way too busy trying to fix what was broken that they didn't have time to mayday, that was probably the last thing on the pilot's mind. People do strange things when they know death is moments away. This is with the assumption there was a mechanical failure. But airplanes don't just fall out of the sky, there's a reason. Planes crash because of 4 reasons. 1. pilot error 2. mechanical error 3. weather, 4. terrorists. They have crossed out terrorist, the weather was good so there's only pilot error and mechanical and mechanical seems far fetched because the plane was level, no stress. Mechanical error usually manifests itself on takeoff or landing, not cruising.

    I've been away from the news for 4 days, but my cousin told me two of the passengers had fake passports.  Either the plane went down and will turn up eventually in ruins, or it was landed somewhere off the radar.  
    If there WERE people on board with fake ID, it has to be something underhanded. 


    I agree about underhanded!

    The 2 stolen passports make it seem very suss to me Lu.It just dropped off the radar & radio conversations were perfectly normal up to that point.

    There were 6 Aussies on board & believe it or not one of them was a former work colleague & friend of my Son in law.

    I wonder if we wil ever know the truth?


    How sad for you about colleague! Blessings!

    Ditto; not a good thing. :(

    Chill out Lu, things could be a lot worse.

    I'm sad for their loss, but these things happen.


    I might have missed something here! A Black Sabbath video? I don't understand>



    Just saying.

    I asked Gary for a Black Sabbath CD 2 Christmases ago :-)

    I feel the plane and everyone on it are alive and living somewhere. Somebody  who knows jet planes hijacked it. Disable the pilot (like they do in the  movies) and destroy the transponder, away you go to you hearts content. The jet had the fuel to go to China, it could have easily gone somewhere else………


    Dream on!

    Romos, She's onto something

    Missing pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid and a co pilot was known to have female guests in the cockpit on a previous flight. Maybe he was entertaining again and his attention was somewhere else.

    it has not blown up,a terroist would want everyone to know about it went invisible on purpose,,and had enough fuel to reach, india or darwin,,,lot more to this story yet,,do not believe the first news report you hear.......nice talking....................................................................................................................................only someone on the plane could turn off the " transponder "


    Turinig off the transponder is easy, just like turning off your radio. The 2 other transmitters were down in the hellhole, a panel would need to be removed and the modules taken offline. This would take someone with knowhow of the 777.

    Also, another interesting tidbit, that they were able to 'paint' radar image that the plane reached 45,000 feet for a period of time then dropped to 23,000. The only thing I can speculate for this maneuver is to oxygen starve the passengers and kill them. The pilot has control of the drop masks, also has control of cabin pressurization. He could have wore a mask for himeslf, reached the 45,000 feet for several minutes, if there long enough, kill every breathing thing on the aircraft. Then back down to below radar for the duration of the trip. But why??? if this is true, then they want the plane or the cargo, what was it carrying??

    The communications and transponder were turn off by someone in the aroplain,


    maybe it's like the Bermuda Triangle. Many a ship or plane has dissapeared over that spot.

    But, at any rate, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark (Hamlet )

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