how can i best care of my baby

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    Start by taking good care of yourself.  That means keeping yourself drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.  If any of these are difficult for you, ask YOUR doctor to help put you on a good path to help you get past them. 
    Follow your pediatrician's advice and keep appointments.  Most importantly, as far as I'm concerned (being a grandmother of a baby who didn't get a lot of physical attention for his first 2-3 weeks because of a medical concern), HOLD THAT BABY AND LOVE HIM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!   A rocking chair is nice for both of you!   
    Trust your instincts!  You know more than you think you do. 


    Nice answer Bob, real nice...

    Thanks, bustie. I appreciate your comment!

    Go to a book store, or the library and get an up to date book  on caring for a baby .And become familiar with developemental stages. Talk a lot to other young nothers to get their input. And talk to older women who are already experienced with raising about  4 kids.


    Or, 1, or 2, or 3, or more than 4 kids. There is no magic number for how many kids makes a competent mother. I will agree with you that talking to others who have children can be helpful, but only for suggestions. Every child has a different home, personality, and circumstances, and what works well for one may be a disaster for someone else.

    Don't make her blue, don't make her cry, tell her you love her.... (Or him!)

    Do you have a mother? Was she a good mother? If so ask her, if not, follow the advice above.

    Get the book by Dr. Benjamin Spoke on child rearing.  Only thing he said I disagree with is, that its ok to let a baby suck fingers instead of pacifier.  I found that pacifier is better because as they grow they will outgrow pacifier easier than fingers and thumbs because it's not always with them like the fingers and thumbs are.  Also the biggest biggie to me is respect, like aretha franklin said.  The way you talk to you kid is the way he/she is going to talk to you when they grow up and even before. I've seen it, in my job, while working with kids and parents.  Often parents are not aware of how they are talking, but none the less, the kid's brain is constantly being programed by us, the growups around them.  Also avoid baby talk. Talk to your baby like you talk to any real person and your child will have better verbal skills and at a younger age. Read to your child. Babies love reading.  I knew a stay at home mom and all she did was read to her son. He could read books at three.  When he entered school at kindergarden he was very advanced.  Most of the prodigies we see started learning their skill as little tots, like two or younger. Good luck. Great question.


    give him choclet



    depends on baby's age . And too much chocolate.......not a good thing.

    Teach the child how to spell when you think he/she is old enough to use a computer.

    ...and a dictionary.

    Baby care is the most daunting and important task.A new baby need special attention.There are various baby care tips like health care,clothing care,hygiene care that you need to need to know and implement to have a carefree time during the child's infancy.

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