Where can I obtain the brackets for the shade

    I purchased the Levolor Trim & go decpratove sjade. When I went to install it, there were no brackets. Where can I obtain the brackets? Lowes does not carry the parts. Can you send me a set of brackets? You can reach me at: or phone at 706-556-1060 or John Moser, 1575 Powell Church Rd, Harlem, GA 30814. Thank you.

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    Shades are supposed to come with all the installation parts when you buy them, either email the manufacturer of the blinds or just take them back to lowes and get them exchanged with a box that hasn't been opened.

    Some people open the boxes and steel the hardware because they can't find a place that sell just the brackets. You could also try a blinds store that sells and installs window treatments. Many flooring stores sell window treatments as well as flooring. Good luck.

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