how to downoload pokemon puarl in computer

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        Download the NDS Emulator from the reference site below. This is the only way that you can enjoy playing Pokemon Pearl on your computer. Allow the download to complete and restart your computer. Once your computer has successfully rebooted click on the game's icon to begin playing.

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        Click on the game, let it fully load and create a new file for your new game. You will be given the opportunity to name your character. You will also be given the option of having a boy or a girl character. Your character will appear in a room that has another individual, this is the professor. Use the arrow keys to move around and speak with him. The professor will tell you everything you need in order to successfully play the game. If you have any questions throughout the game you can return to him and ask.

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        Watch the TV program that is happening in your room and then go down to speak with your mom. After this, leave your house and begin exploring the town by going into various buildings and talking to people. You will get to know various people along with tricks and tips for playing the game.

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        Go walking to Route 201 to continue your journey to the next part of the Pokemon world. The area will be blocked off, forcing you to go to Verity Lakefront. You will be able to choose a Pokemon of your very own. You can choose from a Turtwig, a Chimchar and a Piplup. The professor will also provide you with a brief description of each of the Pokemons. You will get an opportunity to battle your Pokemon against another immediately after choosing one. Your

        Pokemon will lose the initial battle. After this you should return back to Route 201 and find that it now clear. You can now continue traveling through various towns and speaking with different individuals to advance within the game. 



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